10 Marvel Heroes Who Underwent RADICAL Transformations

10. Thor: Herald Of Galactus

Marvel Comics/Olivier Coipel

The God of Thunder has been through a lot as a result of Jason Aaron's eight-year run on the character. Between losing his hammer, and not to mention his arm, the war of the realms and taking the responsibility of king of Asgard. Donny Cates run has a lot to live up to and in one issue he has done that whilst respectfully paying homage to Aaron's run.

The first issue opens with Mjolnir flying across the ten realms, reminding everyone that Thor is king and everyone answers to him. In his private moments, we see that Thor is growing restless as he feels that he is not ready for his new responsibilities. He does not have time to dwell on this before as a brutalised Galactus crashes down into Asgard, missing an arm and ranting about the star plague.

In an act of quick thinking, Thor summons Galactus's former heralds to find a solution to the Galactus problem. The Silver Surfer reveals that they need to feed the devourer of worlds and supercharge him in order to fight off the plague. Thor vows to lead Galactus away before he is drenched in the power cosmic, making him Thor the Thunder herald.

Cates's new run is still in its infancy, so there is no telling how it will affect the Marvel landscape, but bestowing a god the power cosmic is a strong way to start a new run.


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