10 Marvel Heroes Who Underwent RADICAL Transformations

9. Pymtron

Marvel Comics

Hank Pym has not the most loved or even liked hero either within the Marvel universe or by the fan base itself. He has always played second fiddle to bigger heroes like Ironman or Mister Fantastic, he is well known for creating the destructive, murder hungry A.I., Ultron and hitting his wife in a fit of rage.

As part of the 'Rage of Ultron' storyline, Hank Pym led a team of Avengers to defeat Ultron and prevent him from converting all organic life with nanites into Ultron versions of themselves. In order to stop the rampaging robot, Pym and his creation were fused together so Pym could control the nanites. However, an unforeseen outcome forced the newly formed Pymtron to have a mental breakdown as both Pym and Ultron fought for control, so Pymtron quickly left the planet before anyone could be harmed.

Ever since then Pymtron has popped up in various Marvel titles acting more and more villainous. First blaming the Avengers for his massacres of alien civilisations, then attempting to steal the soul stone and test fragments of a cosmic cube, in Infinity Wars and Secret Empire respectively. Most recently he has fought Ironman in Dan Slott's 'Tony Stark: Ironman'.

No one knows where he will strike next, only time will tell.


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