10 Messed Up DC Villains You Won't Believe Exist

9. Ventriloquist (Shauna Belzer)

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DC Comics

The original Ventriloquist, Arnold Wesker, is a timid man who acts out his murderous impulses through his ventriloquist dummy. As unstable as Wesker is, the third Ventriloquist, Shauna Belzer, is much more disturbing.

Everyone in Belzer's family was successful. Her twin brother, Ferdie, was a child star, her father was a renowned pianist, and her mother was a respected ballerina. By comparison, Belzer seemed boring, which left her with the unflattering nickname, "Shabby Shauna".

When she developed telekinetic abilities, she believed this was her chance to finally stand out. Belzer killed anyone who could steal her spotlight including her schoolmates and her family.

After she killed a clown at a birthday party, Belzer took his ventriloquist dummy as her partner in crime, Ferdie. Like Wesker, Belzer absolutely believes her doll is alive. She subconsciously utilises her telekinesis to make him move around, giving the illusion he is sentient. The puppet has drills in its hands, which it uses to skewer people who mistreat Belzer.

Probably the most disturbing thing about Belzer is how she uses her psychic powers on corpses to fight on her behalf. When Batgirl broke into her house, Belzer telekinetically made her dead parents attack the superheroine.

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