10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Wolverine

10. The Character Had A 'Patch' Phase

Wolverine Patch
Marvel Comics

James 'Logan' Howlett's alter-ego has always been Wolverine, so it'd be pretty weird if he had another identity that he delved into from time to time. Sure, certain Marvel heroes have donned multiple personas in the past (Hawkeye, for example), but Wolverine is Wolverine - it's near impossible to picture him as any other hero.

Except, that's exactly what Marvel did when they first gave the character his own solo series. At the time the X-Men were presumed dead, and so writer John Byrne decided to cross everyone's favourite mutie with Indiana Jones, and drop him in the new locale of Madripoor, a Casablanca-style hotbead of criminality where Logan would stay undercover as 'Patch', so called for the fact he... wore an... eyepatch.

Not particularly inventive. But still, it's a class aesthetic, and seeing Wolvie in that white tux never gets old.

However, Wolverine actually 'looking the part' proved to be the death-knell for Patch. He might've ripped off the old yellow spandex, but come on! That hair is recognisable anywhere - which was made infinitely worse by the fact Logan encountered old adversaries like the Silver Samurai and they somehow didn't manage to recognise him.

Alas, I'll always love the Patch look. It may not have been an effective disguise, but Logan joins Nick Fury as one of many fictional characters to look twice as cool with a patch than they did without one.

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