10 More Most Disgusting Comic Book Deaths

Ever wanted to see the Hulk squish Iron Man until he explodes? No? Well, about that...

Hulk Kills Iron Man
Marvel Comics

Hey kids! Who wants another rousing round of looking through all the gruesome ways your favorite comic book characters have died horrible, horrible deaths? No one? Well, too bad, because we're doing it again.

Yes, it's time to sift through the most grotesque, the most horrific, the most try-hard edge lord ways that comic books have viciously murdered the characters within their pages.

It's worth bearing in mind, though, that killing off a character is a delicate thing, and the way they die needs to fit with the foundation of their character in some way for it to really impact. The following examples, however, go with the approach of making the reader want to tear out their own eyeballs to erase what they just witnessed.

The only real rule for this list is that, obviously, it cannot have shown up on the previous list covering this topic. Other than that, as long as the person involved is most assuredly dead (which definitely won't be an issue) it's all fair game.

These are another 10 of the most gruesome, vicious, and disgusting ways that a comic book character has died.

10. Ted Kord - Countdown To Infinite Crisis

Hulk Kills Iron Man
DC Comics

Starting off with a relatively tame example - at least compared to the rest of this list - we have the brutal and tragic death of Ted Kord.

Ted, after spending the entirety of Countdown To Infinite Crisis chasing after a conspiracy that only he believes is real, eventually discovers that Maxwell Lord had gone mad and taken over the villainous organization Checkmate in order to undermine the superpowered community.

Now, Ted is a super genius and a veteran hero in his own right, but he's still a super squishy human at the end of the day, so when Max captures him, he knows that all it takes to put him out to pasture is a well placed bullet to the head. With Ted getting just enough time to utter four of the most badass final words in comics history, Maxwell Lord shoots him in the head.

What gets this death on the list is how the panel where he dies shows the realistic blood splatter from the bullet, as well as the panel afterward, hyperfocusing on Ted's bloody, mangled face on the floor. Brutal.


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