10 Most Disgusting Comic Book Deaths

Taking leaps and bounds away from the world of PG ratings.

Spider Man Dead
Marvel Comics

It's undeniable that the dark and disgusting comic deaths are a beloved staple of many comics. With comics so often playing it safe on the topic of violence - not even showing blood in some fights - it's a welcome spot of catharsis to see the rule book thrown out every once in a while so that some absolutely brutal fatalities can go down.

Much in the same way that Mortal Kombat earned the adoration of countless teens by bringing them some hilariously over-exaggerated gore, comics that go all out with their death scenes often gain a cult following.

Series like The Boys and The Walking Dead very much thrive off of this, as while both have interesting characters and plots, the topic of conversation will always eventually turn back to the violent deaths both have; they're so over the top that you can't help but consider them a spectacle.

With the list of fatalities including death by sand, disembowelment, and a... questionable, shall we say, use of a jackhammer, it may actually be the case that Mortal Kombat has nothing on DC and Marvel...

10. Jack From Jupiter Gets Stabbed - The Boys #59

Spider Man Dead
Dynamite Entertainment

Unsurprisingly, The Boys is rife with disturbing and disgusting comic book deaths, ranging from realistic to 'woman is exploded by magical baby'. Of this assorted madness, it's actually one of the more realistic deaths of the series that manages to be the most disgusting.

Said death takes place in The Boys #59, when anti-hero Billy Butcher discovers that his dog has been killed, provoking him to quite fairly go on an all-out rampage to find the man he thinks did it: none other than the sketchy superhero Jack from Jupiter, who is able to make himself invulnerable after speaking a special word.

Upon finding his new metahuman friend, Billy exploits the obvious weakness this power gives Jack, choking him so he's unable to turn invincible, and then stabbing him repeatedly, all the while asking "Why'd you kill me dog, Jack?" over and over again.

The length of the scene is what makes it so unnerving, as we watch Billy stab the superhero until he's got more wound than stomach, all the while brokenly repeating the same phrase at him - a phrase that he obviously cannot answer, because he's being strangled.


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