10 Most Badass Batman Moments Ever

As if you didn't know already, here is proof that Batman is the most dangerous man in the world.

Batman Yellow Lantern
DC Comics

Batman may be a genius who is at peak human condition, but he is still just a mere mortal. In a fantasy world full of super powered aliens, God-like entities and psychotic criminals, Batman has no business doing what he does.

Being legitimately crazy and having a near endless stockpile of cash at his disposal certainly makes his vigilante activities doable, but The Caped Crusader should have been killed ten times over throughout the course of his 70+ year career.

Of course, there is one thing that Batman has going for him that no one else has: he's Batman. He may be just a man, but he's a master tactician, always ten steps ahead of everyone else. It doesn't matter who you are, friend or foe, everyone fears the Bat.

He's a badass hero, and here are his ten biggest moments of badassery.

10. Batman Paints A Room (and Himself) Yellow To Antagonize Green Lantern (All-Star Batman And Robin #9)

Batman Yellow Lantern
DC Comics

In this Batman yarn from DC comic’s All-Star imprint (which reimagined the humble beginnings of many heroes) Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, is sent to try and talk some sense into Batman, as his methods (scaring the bejesus out of everyone) are giving all superheroes a bad name.

Batman is cordial and agrees to sit down with Hal and hear out his concerns. In reality though, this version of Batman (which according to writer Frank Miller is the same as The Dark Knight Returns) is having none of that.

Before Hal shows up, Batman engages in questionable child labor practices and has Robin paint an entire room canary yellow, and when I say everything, I mean everything. The walls, the floor, the ceiling the furniture, everything is painted yellow. Even the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder cover themselves head to toe with yellow paint. This is all so that Hal Jordan cannot use his power ring against them when he tells Hal that he has no plans to change his methods, regardless of what he threatens.

Bats even goes as far as to drink lemonade right in front of Hal to drive the point home, all while his inner monologue berates the Green Lantern Corps for having a primary colour as their only weakness.

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