10 Most Badass Batman Moments Ever

9. Batman Fights Jaws, Wins (Batman #251)

Batman Yellow Lantern
DC Comics

Batman has faced off against creatures big and small many times, but the most impressive display of The Bat triumphing over Mother Nature has to be in Joker’s Five Way Revenge.

In this story, The Joker is knocking off his prior associates one by one for snitching and sending him to the loony bin. Batman, with his strong sense of morality, can’t let the Joker follow through with his plans to kill these men, as murder is still murder, even if the victims are scumbags.

Batman comes to the rescue of Joker’s final target, a reformed, wheelchair bound former henchman who is being suspended above a tank containing a giant Great White shark. The Joker is able to subdue the Dark Knight, and strips him of his utility belt, slaps some handcuffs on him, and then dumps Batman in the tank with the shark, because simply killing him in a less grandiose manner wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

Of course even Nature’s most efficient killer is no match for the Caped Crusader, who manages to kill the ferocious predator with nothing but the handcuffs.

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