10 Most Brutal Acts Of Revenge In Comics History

The more evil you are, the harder you fall.

Red Hood Joker DCEased
DC Comics

Comics wouldn't be quite as good if they didn't contain terrible, terrible things happening to wonderful people who definitely didn't deserve them. Nobody actively wants them to happen, of course, but they do set up for one of the more satisfying things to happen in media, when the person who has been put through Hell finally gets their revenge.

And the more dramatic the better, as when a character you love is mistreated, the more ridiculous a comeuppance their enemy gets, the better. In a world where many awful folk do bad things and get away with them, it's almost too comforting to see a hero (or often anti-hero) carry out an elaborate act of karma on a deserving individual or twelve.

It's not the nicely tied-in-a-bow form of justice that is the ideal resolution - but when someone has tortured a child or carried out a vile misdemeanour, having bad things happen to them just feel like them getting their just desserts.

Tales of vengeance are common is just about every type of media, but comics go the most intense with the details - and that's why it's the most fun to see.

10. X-23 Meets Her Makers - X-23 #6

Red Hood Joker DCEased
Marvel Comics

When your name is a series of numbers that denote a barcode more than a name with thought behind it, you know the person who has it hasn't been treated all that nicely. This is proved true when it comes to X-23, who was cloned from Wolverine, and then treat about as well as Wolverine ever has by scientists - which is to say, pretty dang poorly.

After being downright abused for the majority of her young life - including having her claws ripped out of her without any anaesthetic as a child - it's understandable that when the time comes for her to get her revenge, she goes big.

In particular, she goes especially intense when it comes to her reunion with Zander Rice, the man arguably responsible for the majority of her suffering. Understandably, taking out her lifelong frustrations results in Laura absolutely holding nothing back in her beatdown of the man, to the extent that the convenient countdown timer in the comic shows that she beats him for ten straight minutes before feeling satisfied.

To be fair, though, he did definitely deserve it.

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