10 Most Brutal Fights In Superman Comics

DC's Man of Steel has fought in some seriously brutal battles.

Marvel / DC Comics

As one of the most powerful heroes in comics, it is only natural that Superman would find himself in epic adventures and clashes across the DC universe (and even beyond). His vast array of superhuman abilities and skill in using them makes him a formidable opponent and few are truly capable of matching him in combat, let alone surpassing him.

Due to this, it is a sight to behold when the Man of Steel meets his match. His foes do not share the hero's desire to minimize the threat posed to innocent bystanders and as a result, he sometimes takes on more punishment than he should due to his innate nature as a protector rather than a fighter.

That said, Superman is no pushover. As mentioned earlier, he is incredibly powerful and skilled, and this means he can dish it just as well as he takes it if need be.

This list sees the Man of Tomorrow taking on some of the most dangerous villains in the DC universe, as well as his fellow Justice League members and even a couple of powerhouses from the other side of the comics divide...


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