10 Most Brutal Villain Beatdowns In All Of Comics

The most brutal times supervillains got what was coming to them.

Marvel Comics

Superheroes beating up on supervillains is a tradition literally as old as comics themselves. It's a power fantasy that pretty much anyone can get behind, taking someone who is doing something objectively wrong and evil, and just wailing on them until they stop.

But sometimes things can go a bit far, even when the target is a supervillain. Beating them senseless and leaving them for the police is all well and good, but a proper superhero should make sure that they can sign their name or form coherent sentences when they do so. Even so, there are just as many times when a superhero can't take it anymore, and so must bring the hammer down hard, both figuratively and VERY literally.

This has happened a lot more than you might think, so much so that narrowing down just ten picks from Marvel and DC's history was quite a task. What that says about the medium as a whole is up for debate, but for now, let's find out which supervillain beatdown made you wince, shield your eyes, or just recoil in horror the most...


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