10 Most Brutal Villain Beatdowns In All Of Comics

9. Black Panther And Storm Vs The Skrulls - Black Panther #39-41

Mysterio Beat Down
Marvel Comics

While most superheroes try to avoid killing whenever possible, Black Panther for the most part cannot afford to take such risks. Being the king of a highly advanced nation that a lot of invading alien forces know needs to go first if they want to take the Earth, T'Challa needs to make it clear that this is his kingdom, and if you mean it harm he will make the ninth circle of Hell look like a theme park.

A lesson thoroughly taught to the Skrulls when they tried to take over the planet for the billionth time, starting with Wakanda. At first, T'Challa and his then wife Storm seemingly surrendered without a fuss. But this being T'Challa and Storm, it was of course part of a long con gambit to get rid of the Skrulls in one fell swoop.

After tricking the Skrulls into torturing their own men for information, the alien invaders send out their best warriors to hunt the king and queen down. And the minute the toughest warriors in their army are gone, an army of Wakandan soldiers bust in and kill everyone on the ship, leaving none alive. Meanwhile, Black Panther left barely enough behind of the Skrull warriors sent after him to fill a shoe box.

After killing all of the Skrulls who invaded his land? T'Challa used their blood to write a simple message on their bridge.

"This is what happens when you invade Wakanda."


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