10 Most Controversial Superman Comics Of All Time

The all-American Boy Scout stands for Truth, Justice, and... destroying slums?

DC Comics

Superman may have the power to lift a planet or crush a diamond with his bare hand but his true strength is his ability inspire hope in others. For over eighty years, the character has largely been considered to represent the purity and virtues of humanity. The emphasis is on the words "supposed to".

Due to gimmicky storylines, publicity stunts, and feuds between writers, the All-American Boyscout has also churned out some of the most ridiculous stories in the history of... well... stories.

But there are some tales that aren't just silly; they are insulting to the readers or offensive to entire cultures. Now, all the entries in this list had nothing but good intentions. The writers obviously don't want to upset their audience (usually).

Most of these comics were created because the publisher decided to go in a bold and different direction or the writing team wanted to tackle a current issue in the world, and things went wrong along the way. In one way or another, every entry on this list backfired big-time.

Here are list of the most controversial Superman moments which even die-hard comic fans still can't believe actually happened.

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