10 Most Dangerous Comic Book Villains That Don't Have Any Powers

8. Bullseye

Ra's Al Ghul
Marvel Comics

The psychotic assassin known as Bullseye is one of if not the deadliest assassin in the Marvel universe. Created by Marv Wolfman and John Romita Sr. in March 1976, within the pages of Daredevil #131, Bullseye has been a long-standing antagonist for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Though it would appear otherwise, Bullseye possesses no superpowers. From harmless objects playing cards and bottle caps to lethal weapons like Sai or Shuriken, Bullseye can make any object a deadly projectile, with pinpoint accuracy. He is a dark reflection of the Avenger's Hawkeye, which he was as part of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers.

Fortunately, Bullseye's homicidal needs are often satisfied, from his work as an assassin for hire. It is a shame for Daredevil that Bullseye seems to gain the most pleasure from pursing and torturing him. However, if Bullseye's aspirations ever raised above being a hired gun, then the heroes of the Marvel Universe would have to watch their backs, as Bullseye could eliminate them with a mere pencil.

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