10 Most Dangerous Comic Book Villains That Don't Have Any Powers

7. Arcade

Ra's Al Ghul
Marvel Comics

Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, as part of Marvel Team-Up #65 (1978). Arcade is a cross between evil genius and hitman for hire, as he carries out elaborate assassinations in specially designed fairground like death traps called Murderworld. Arcade is often depicted as an X-Men villain, although he has no qualms about targeting other people.

With his genius intellect, Arcade builds his Murderworlds from the ground up to test his victim's skills and talents. Within these Murderworlds, Arcade is unto a God. Through the technology within Murderworld, he possesses force field generation, telekinesis and matter manipulation, to name a few.

His most infamous feet of villainy came during the Avenger's Arena event. He captured sixteen teenage superheroes and pitted them against each other Battle Royal style. To show he was serious, he obliterated the hero Mettle, with a wave of his hand.

Arcade is a deranged individual, as he lives solely to test people within his Murderworld, accepting assassination jobs to fund them. Fortunately, he often leaves the hero's fate up to chance, allowing them to escape. Though if he wanted, no one would leave his Murderworld alive.

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