10 Most Dangerous Places To Live In The DC Universe

With villains like Lex Luthor and the Joker, the world of DC Comics isn't always the safest place.

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As a whole, the DC Universe, and especially Earth, seems like a fairly safe place to live.

Sure, there are dangerous and often crazy supervillains, but there is also an ever-growing army of superheroes. And, yes, aliens are fairly commonplace, but most of them just want to do their jobs, provide for their families and hug their kids at the end of the day.

For example, Metropolis is a technological marvel that is on the bleeding edge of the possible and impossible.

The Hall of Justice in Washington DC might look like it belongs in ancient Greece but if one were to take one of the many tours, they’d see a state-of-the-art crime-fighting facility, not to mention a really cool gift shop. And before it was destroyed, the New York City headquarters for the Justice Society of America was a living museum of the exploits of the world’s first super team.

There are places that make “danger” far too small and simple a word to describe them. These are places where simply being there means that person is tempting fate and may find themselves not only out of luck but out of life.

10. Louisiana Bayou

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DC Comics

Houma, Louisiana is located in the southeast corner of the state and is adjacent to a large swamp area. There, scientist Alec Holland conducted classified experiments that were sabotaged causing him to leap into the water. Covered in the bio-restorative formula he was working on, it imbued the surrounding plant life with his consciousness and the latest Swamp Thing was born.

Anton Arcane created a small army of deformed human creatures he called his Un-men. He sent them after Swamp Thing and his family on multiple occasions. Task Force X, also known as the “Suicide Squad”, was based at the secret military prison Belle Reve which is located in the area. The presence of so many supervillains made this a veritable powder keg.

In addition to the common dangers of the swamp, entering Swamp Thing’s domain is a terrible idea. His intelligence and independence have brought him into numerous violent conflicts with the Parliament of Trees, the governing force over the Green. Additionally, Swamp Thing has reacted badly to acts of destruction against the plant life of the planet and his swamp in particular. The denizens of this marshy bog have fed on many who have crossed him.

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