10 Most Disastrous Comic Book Misprints

9. All-Star Batman & Robin #10: F***ing Batgirl!

Spider Man S Weiner
DC Comics

Frank Miller is no stranger to comic book controversy and taking infamous characters in a new direction. That’s why it came as no surprise that during his run of All-Star Batman & Robin he made a Batgirl that all millennials could get behind; she said what was on her mind and she said it with very un-superherolike language.

That controversy is all well and good when selling issues, and as a matter of fact the new Batgirl had plenty of fans when this news came out. The problem with the issue, however, wasn’t the swearing, but rather the fact that the swearing wasn’t adequately hidden from readers.

Since the original intention was to black out the offending words, DC hat a fit when they saw that after printing, the ink for the letters was still visible under the ink for the censor bars. When kids and teens started literally seeing Batgirl’s potty-mouth first hand, DC recalled the issue and had it re-printed.

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