10 Most Disgusting Comic Book Deaths

9. Midnighter Gets Revenge - The Authority #16

Spider Man Dead

The Authority is a lesser-known franchise, which is a crying shame - partially because it's a lot of fun, and partially because it's got all the grit and gore that people enjoy so much in darker series like The Boys.

Case in point: at one stage in the plot, a superhero named the Midnighter is strongly suggested to have penetrated a villain with a jackhammer, and is still made out to be the good guy.

How? Well, said villain is implied to have sexually assaulted Midnighter's husband, the equally badass-named Apollo, leaving the latter quietly traumatised about the whole deal.

Aware of this, Midnighter takes a leaf out of every action hero's book and decides to get revenge for his partner - although he does go significantly further than we've ever seen John Wick go.


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