10 Most Disturbing Comics Relationships

9. Emma Frost And Cyclops

Harleen Joker Harley Quinn
Marvel Comics

As if the team involved in making the New X-Men were solely committed to ruining the marriage between Cyclops and Jean Gray, Grant Morrison's series included the fresh moment of hell that was Jean Grey discovering that her husband, Scott, had been having a psychic affair with Emma Frost - who, just to make matters worse, was in the iconic Dark Phoenix outfit when she and Scott were caught.

Both of the pair try to argue that this affair was only telepathic, but cheating through telepathy is still cheating, and the event serves to irreparably damage Jean and Scott's marriage for the rest of the series.

All this only serves to bring up the series of questionable events that Cyclops and Gray's relationship has had; as longtime fans will remember the infamously uncomfortable moment that had Cyclops making out with Frost at the side of Jean's grave.

Is an affair between Frost and Cylcops the one consistent factor of the X-Men universe? Only time will tell!


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