10 Most Disturbing Scenes In Marvel Comics' Ruins

8. Nick Fury and Captain America as Cannibals

Marvel Ruins Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

As mentioned before, Phil Sheldon makes his way to Washington, DC for an interview. That interview was with superspy Nick Fury, who tries to kill Sheldon but ultimately decides to give him the information he is looking for. Sheldon asks about people with special abilities and whether Fury thinks that things should have gone differently.

Eventually the topic turns to Captain America, and in a bizarre twist, Fury reveals not only did he personally eat human flesh, but Captain America was actually the one who introduced him to it. Like so much of this book, this detail is completely wild and ridiculous, and leaves the reader extremely disturbed. To think that Captain America, a character who is painted as the moral core of the Avengers, could have done something so heinous is painful to consider.

To end the scene, Fury kills himself in front of Sheldon by shooting himself in the head, presumably because this world is so bleak Nick Fury couldn't find a reason to keep living.


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