10 Most Disturbing Scenes In Marvel Comics' Ruins

7. The Silver Surfer Tore Himself Apart

Marvel Ruins Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

While Sheldon is interviewing the Kree prisoner Captain Mar-Vell (who you will hear more about later), he is told the story of the Silver Surfer. Outside of Earth's orbit, the Kree found the eviscerated body of the Silver Surfer, his innards floating around his corpse.

You can really feel for the Surfer here. He has always been a character who struggles with isolation. He journeys the cosmos with only his surfboard and his thoughts, knowing that he is doing all he can to protect a universe that doesn't have much left for him. He puts himself up against enemies that dwarf his power set and routinely overcomes odds all in the name of justice.

But in this universe, it all got to be too much for him. He was so desperate to feel anything that he tore himself open, killing himself in the process. It is important to say, this should in no way be something that is glorified. The Silver Surfer's death here is horrific and terribly sad and the fact that he did this to himself makes it all the more disturbing.


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