10 Most Embarrassing Batman Moments

Remember that time Batman thought he had sex with a robot... on multiple occasions?

DC Comics

Batman is the coolest superhero in DC Comics. He dresses up as a flying rodent in tights and STILL looks badass. Even though he has no superpowers, he has fought and beaten the very best including demigods, cosmic beings, and cybernetic dinosaurs. Using his vast knowledge, wealth, and resources, the Dark Knight comes out on top in nearly every conflict.

He may appear invincible, Batman has a vulnerable side, and not just physically. Like anyone else, he is prone to embarrassment. When he is proven wrong by his enemies, shunned by his friends, or dumped by his partners, the Caped Crusader can't help feeling humiliated.

When the world is attacked by inter-dimensional entities, he doesn't hesitate to enter the battle. When the universe is about to collapse into itself, he's the first one to formulate a plan.

But when he allows himself to be completely vulnerable to those he loves, only to be shot down, he's going to feel embarrassed just as much as the next guy. He may hide his feelings with his tough-guy attitude, but it's clear Batman has a sensitive side.

Here are some of the most embarrassing Batman moments.

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