10 Most Epically Disastrous Comic Book Events

Nothing so fills us with sadness as these 10 epically disastrous comic book events. Lace up your greco-roman sandals kiddies, we're heading down the river Styx.

Over their decades of existence, comic books have had so many ups and downs in their stories that saying it's all been a roller coaster ride is just not enough. There are those times that it's just been an incredible earth quake of garbage and sadness, destruction and disappointment. Every time a publisher promises the "epic to end all comic epics", nine times out of ten it's a miserable story brought unwillingly into this world like a child who knows the odds are against it. We get psyched for that story baby, and then it's born and we realize it's going to be a problem child. Here are the top ten of those comic events..

10. Civil War

I have to say, this story just crushed my guts and forced Marvel and I to take a break because, quite frankly, I needed some space. They built this solid turd for a long, long time. We were guaranteed that nothing had ever come close to reaching the incredibleness that would be Civil War. And then it happened. It began with a bang...and ended with a whimper. Captain America made the most glorious stand I've ever seen him make and then backed down in the end. Tony Stark became a dick, Spider-Man was a cry baby, and when it came time to throw them all into a mega-story, everybody lacked the things that made the individual characters cool and special. It was a jumbo sized, mish mash of anger and frustration. Not to mention Marvel made it impossible to fully understand and appreciate the story unless you bought every GD tie in they were pumping out. At the end of the day, it was something near 90. I could do the math but that involves effort, and just thinking back on Civil War has taken all effort from my soul.
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