10 Most Evil Things Judge Dredd Has Ever Done

8. Stamping Down On Democracy

Dredd Worst Things

Mega City One is a fascist state. Judge Dredd is a fascist enforcer. That's not some broad interpretation made by someone with too much time on their hands. It's just what the comic is about.

The story "A Letter to Judge Dredd" from Prog 661 showed just how brutal this system is for the ordinary citizens. It tells the story of a man named Sholley. Sholley believes that Mega City One should be governed democratically and attends a peaceful protest to that effect. Now naturally the Judges couldn't be having that and violently cracked down on the protesters. Sholley himself suffered a brutal head injury and severe brain damage, spending the rest of his life suffering violent delusions and outbursts, culminating in him committing murder.

This story is related to Dredd in a letter from a boy, Wenders, who questions the Judge System and why a peaceful protest warranted such a response. Ultimately Wenders was the one murdered by Sholley.

These events would cause Dredd to have misgivings about the system he enforced and he briefly retired, leading to the excellent Necropolis story arc.

Even so, it's now 30 years later and and Dredd is still a fascist enforcer for a fascist government.


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