10 Most Inappropriate Daredevil Storylines Ever

So... just what was Bullseye doing with that Elektra outfit?

Marvel Comics

With Daredevil often featuring alongside the ultra-dark Punisher, it's only natural that the Man Without Fear's storylines appear toned-down and pleasant in comparison.

But this is a perspective that merits challenging. Matt Murdock's life is in practically constant turmoil, and this has lead to writers having to look outside the box in terms of what can be used to create said drama - even if it's something that's kind of weird and inappropriate to be casually used in a comic.

Daredevil himself also serves to make a good amount of his storylines inappropriate too, as despite his characterisation of a moral hero, he does a whole lot of things that are entirely inappropriate for such a character to do. His grief leads to him doing this type of thing surprisingly often, as Matt is not above briefly ignoring his moral code if it allows him to do something he wants to.

With a history that involves trying to murder babies, committing identity fraud, and being the worst romantic partner ever, it's no real surprise that so many of Daredevil's storylines can be considered inappropriate for a supposed superhero.


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