10 Most Inappropriate Daredevil Storylines Ever

10. Daredevil's Dad Is Stolen By Mole People

Marvel Comics

Hearing the phrase 'Daredevil's Dad is Stolen By Mole People' initially sounds pretty funny - like a weird, underground version of the Taken. But the events that take place do so underground because Daredevil's father, Jack Murdock, is infamously dead - and so the whole thing suddenly stops being funny pretty fast.

While stolen family members are a reoccurring theme in comics, the theft of a dead parent has an entirely different tone to it. It doesn't quite cross a line, but it certainly breathes heavily on that line, and expects you not to find it doing so weird.

Daredevil does defeat Mole Man and his peons to return his father to his resting place, but the whole thing leave a slightly unsavoury taste in your mouth - potentially because the whole thing is played off as though having your dad's corpse played about with wouldn't be incredibly mentally scarring.


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