10 Most Inappropriate DC Comics Storylines Ever

9. Superman Designs A Robot To Spank Lois Lane - Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane

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DC Comics

Lois Lane is a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist, who has had a hand in saving the world on more than one occasion. This didn't stop the comic Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane portraying her like a misbehaving, naive child who couldn't see Superman talk to another woman without bursting into fits of jealous tears.

In one storyline, Lois tries to prove to Superman that she is ready for marriage by moving into the Fortress of Solitude. In a series of "accidents", Lois ends up being repeatedly spanked by a robot that looks just like Superman. She cannot sit down for days afterwards, but believes she deserves it for being a "bad girl." What's worse, this was Superman's plan all along: he had the robot programmed to spank Lois, in an attempt to prove that the Fortress of Solitude was not a safe place for her to live. What a hero!

Although this was a one-shot story, the storyline of Superman physically assaulting his girlfriend was continued in quite a disturbing way. Multiple fans wrote in to defend Superman's decision to spank Lois, and encouraged him to do it even more. In the months following the story, the comic published letters that requested Lois "should be treated like any spoiled child who raids the cookie jar too often", citing things like "my father is every inch a gentleman and he has spanked me several times for being far less mischievous than Lois is."

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