10 Most Inappropriate Supergirl Storylines

The Last Daughter of Krypton hasn't always had the best run in comics over the years...

Supergirl and the Red Lanterns
DC Comics

Throughout her 60-plus years in comics, Kara Zor-El has a storied history that has set her apart from her well-known cousin. This has enabled her to be a captivating character in her own right and not be overshadowed by Superman in the process. That said, any sizable comics tenure is bound to have less than stellar moments in it, and the Maid of Might is not immune to this.

Just like Superman, Supergirl’s adventures on Earth and beyond have taken her to weird places (literally and figuratively), and these experiences, for better or worse, have come to define her across different continuities. Therefore, there are moments that either fell flat or made readers cringe and wonder what DC has against the Last Daughter of Krypton.

While a good chunk of questionable tales featuring Kara come from the Silver Age, there are some early and recent Modern Age stories that were done in poor taste regardless of intention (it’s unlikely that some of these goals were noble in any way).

From brief but unsettling romances with super-powered animals, to cousins getting too close for comfort, and neglected orphans, it is a wonder that Kara Zor-El has been able to endure across six decades.

10. The Socialite Of Steel

Supergirl and the Red Lanterns
DC Comics

Admittedly, this entry is nowhere as atrocious as some of the others on this list but it is still a laughably bad period in the Girl of Steel's lengthy career. It is doubly baffling when you consider that Wonder Woman of all people accompanied Kara on her desire to be rich and famous.

In the aptly(?)-titled "Revenge of The Super-Chicks", Kara saves a popular actress from certain doom and is instantly enamoured with the attention the public figure received. This convinces her that the life of a superhero is not what she wants, and Kara proceeds to quit being a superhero and become a debutante in Paris.

After failing to bring his cousin back to her senses, Superman enlists Wonder Woman's help but the Amazon is just as awestruck by the glamour of fame and fortune. This eventually stops when the superpowered duo realize that their responsibilities cannot be eschewed in favour of being socialities.

The story was published in 1965 and it shows in its absurd sensibilities. Kara and Diana come across as being too easily swayed by frivolous affairs and Superman does not fare any better, with the Man of Steel being smug in a way that you would only find in DC's Silver Age of comics.


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