10 Most Inappropriate Supergirl Storylines

9. Meet Kara Zor-El, Member Of The Red Lantern Corps

Supergirl and the Red Lanterns
DC Comics

The New 52 can be best summed up as DC's creative and editorial teams trying their best to modernize the company's sprawling cast and stories. This endeavour was a very mixed bag, and one of the many reasons why this was the case was the time Kara became a member of the villainous Red Lantern Corps.

Before becoming a member of the rage-fuelled ring bearers, this version of Kara felt increasingly alienated from her adopted homeworld and, after an encounter with Lobo which drove this point home, the Kryptonian exploded in a fit of ferocious anger.

This attracted a Red Power Ring to her and she eventually joined the Red Lantern Corps (which was under Guy Gardner's leadership at the time).

Gardner had hoped to exploit Kara's power in his fight against Atrocitus (the Corps' former leader) but the Maid of Might was not too keen on being part of an intra-community conflict filled with anger-driven criminals. She eventually left the Corps after an encounter with the Worldkiller, a Kryptonian biological weapon.

While this story helped flesh out Kara's internal struggles, it is a shame it took her joining the Red Lantern Corps of all groups to do so.


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