10 Most Insane Alternate Universe Batmen

DC Comics' Dark Knight has some seriously incredible alternate forms.

DC Comics

Since his 1939 debut Batman has become many things - a god tier superhero, a media franchise that exceeds even Bruce Wayne’s wealth, and one of the planet’s most famous fictional characters. This owes not just to the iconic character’s inception, but also to the numerous creative teams which have added to the character’s, and Gotham’s, lore.

However, like many of the most enduring fictional characters, tragedy is the one constant in the life of Bruce Wayne - or for that matter anybody who takes up the mantel of Batman. Brooding tragedy even dogs Batmen residing in alternate universes.

The Golden Age Batman of Earth-Two has been hung, drawn, and quartered through the Multiverse by the creative directions of some of comic book’s greatest writers and artists. While the Multiverse, and Dark Multiverse, sometimes require a detective’s Crazy Wall to keep up, the concept has allowed creatives to rip apart and reconstruct the Caped Crusader without fundamentally altering the Bruce Wayne/Batman who has courted fans for over 80 years.

As the popularity of The Batman Who Laughs has proven, there is significant interest in new and unique spins on the classic character. Here are some of the best of all...


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