10 Most OVERRATED Comics Of All Time

Every masterpiece out there is loved by some and hated by others.

Overrated Comics (example)
DC Comics

Have a good look at your comic shelves and, amongst the books that have a personal meaning to you, you'll also find a selection of those books that everybody talks about: the established best of the best, the tales that people have to read if they want to count themselves fans of the genre, the Citizen Kanes of comic books. Now, how many of those books made their way there because you were told they were good and how many because you actually liked them?

Like everything else out there, even the widely-acknowledged greats aren't for everyone. They might have sent the medium down completely new paths, or have storylines that have gathered widespread acclaim, or even now be cited as benchmarks that more modern works must be measured against.

But everything is subjective, and even the most revered text is bound to have its critics.

That's not to say that these are bad comics by any means, as most of them deserve their place on comic shelves, but they can't be for everyone. These ten rank amongst the most overrated comics out there.


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