10 Most Powerful Batman Villains

Bat-villains who could break The Dark Knight in a fight.

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Bruce Wayne is the World's Greatest Detective, a multimillionaire with a seemingly endless amount of resources, a frankly ridiculous cupboard full of fancy gadgets and gizmos, and sidekicks aplenty. He can also handle himself in a fight, owing to the years he spent travelling following the death of his parents, learning every martial art worth knowing. Dude can handle himself.

Still, he's had his ass handed to him any number of times; of course he has! He's got all of that, but he's still just a man. When he comes up against actual supervillains with powers, he can't be expected to prevail in hand-to-hand combat; they'll always be more powerful. Instead, it's through a combination of the above that he eventually succeeds.

€œEventually, anyway,€ because usually, he'll get beaten to a pulp first, and then figure out how to beat them during the second round. It's a trope that's familiar to any Batman fan because a significant portion of his rogues' gallery are totally jacked dudes, or else villains with crazy powers. For every Joker and Riddler there are ten enemies the Dark Knight struggles with because they've got brawn over brains.

From actual muscles to control over the very ground they walk on, here are the ten most powerful Batman villains. In order. Sort of.

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