10 Most Powerful Beings Thor Has Defeated

Only a select few have proven a genuine challenge against the god of thunder.

Marvel Comics

Serving as a protector of Earth for decades and Asgard for millennia, Thor has been in more battles than almost any superhero in Marvel.

He has waged war against entire armies single-handedly, eradicated monsters in all of The Nine Realms, and has taken down more Dark Elves, Fire Trolls, and soul-eaters than he can remember. He's so freakin' awesome, he managed to kick butt when he was turned into a frog, for crying out loud! Most heroes may struggle to thwart a cosmic entity or an intergalactic empire - but for Thor, it is often mere sport.

But every once in a while, the golden-haired superhero will face a foe that cannot be defeated with a single swing from his enchanted hammer. He may be the god of thunder and occasional All-father of Asgard but the Norse champion has come across enemies that were able to hold their own against the founding Avenger.

Even when he is armed with his entrusted Mjolnir and assisted by the forces of Earth and Asgard, there are some villains that The Mighty Thor struggled against. Whether it's a slayer of gods or a consumer of realities, these are the battles that Thor will remember until his dying day.

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