10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Superman

3. Imperiex (And Brainiac 13) - Our Worlds At War

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DC Comics

The Our Worlds At War saga is one of DC’s most underrated crossover events, as it ushered in new changes across the universe, such as the formation of the Superman Revenge Squad, the deaths of heroes such as Hippolyta, Strange Visitor and Maxima, as well as the allyship from villains such as Darkseid and Mongul.

The threat that saw these events take shape was the god-like being Imperiex (essentially DC’s answer to Galactus). The very embodiment of entropy, Imperiex felt that the current universe was flawed and sought to remake it as he saw fit. Using Mongul’s Warworld (a moon-sized spacecraft) as a conduit for his power, the cosmic entity began his galactic rampage.

A massive battle ensued and, in the process, the villainous Brainiac 13 took advantage of the situation and absorbed Imperiex’s apocalyptic energies for himself. This unexpected team-up forced Superman to increase his power by diving into the sun and push the Warworld through a Boom Tube that the other heroes (and Darkseid) created that led to moments before the Big Bang

Before the cosmic phenomenon wiped out Imperiex and Brainiac 13, the former discovered that the flaw in the universe he discovered was in fact, himself.


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