10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By The Hulk

These Marvel powerhouses more than made the Jade Giant work for his kills.

Hulk Iron Man Marvel Civil War II
Marvel Comics

Ever since he made his debut in 1962, Bruce Banner's rage-fueled alter-ego has shown time and time again that he is one of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel Comics. The Hulk's sheer might has made him a crucial ally in the quest to vanquish the forces of evil, but his lack of control in most instances also makes him an especially destructive liability.

It is a rarity to see the gamma-powered behemoth handily lose a fight, let alone be sufficiently challenged in the first place. The few times he has experienced decisive defeats were at the hands of actual deities such as the Olympian god-king Zeus; a loss that shows just how formidable he is.

This, coupled with his uncontrollable power means some of his opponents met their untimely ends at the hands of a particularly enraged Hulk. The most impressive (or shocking) bit is that some of these beings were powerhouses in their own right, and this reinforces the oft-stated claim that the Hulk is "the strongest there is".

From fellow heroes to long-time foes, these ten characters picked up the worst day to go up against the Jade Giant. This list will have entries from the main Marvel continuity as well as the greater multiverse.

10. Multiple Gladiators - Planet Hulk

Hulk Iron Man Marvel Civil War II
Marvel Comics

By the time Planet Hulk was getting to its climax, the Jolly Green Giant had become a benevolent (sort of) leader of the gladiatorial planet Sakaar. Despite his relatively noble intentions, the hero's journey to the top was marked by bloodshed, an unsurprising outcome given the savage nature of the planet and its main source of entertainment.

After being convinced that he was the only person that could stop a rogue satellite, the Hulk was transported into deep space by the Illuminati. Upon arriving on Sakaar, the Hulk is captured by the Red King (the planet's ruler)'s guard due to being weakened by the wormhole that brought him to the planet.

A less than efficient Banner is then forced to fight various powerful creatures to the death for the Red King's amusement, winning every match as well as the favour of the planet's inhabitants. Given that each fight was meant to have a fatal outcome, the Hulk slaughters many formidable opponents before the Red King's vicious sport is brought to an end.

This is the only entry in which the Hulk is essentially forced to kill off his opponents and as a result the kills are not as bloodthirsty in intent compared to the rest.


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