10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By The Hulk

9. Iron Man - Marvel Zombies 2

Hulk Iron Man Marvel Civil War II
Marvel Comics

The Marvel Zombies series may have played with zombie lore in sometimes interesting ways, but it ultimately was an excuse for writers and artists to place beloved Marvel icons in increasingly gory and unsettling scenarios.

This is not a knock on the storytelling choices by any means, but seeing Hulk dismember and eat multiple characters (and this is not the last time this will appear on the list) is oddly fitting given the monstrous nature of the Hulk and his increasing lack of control over it.

One hero that met his gruesome end at the hands of a zombified Hulk is the Armored Avenger himself, Iron Man. Before his demise, this version of Tony Stark was turned into the undead by an infected Fantastic Four and went on to join the zombified heroes (Hulk included) in satiating their uncontrollable hunger. During this time, the heroes even got the incredible power of Galactus by consuming him.

With their newfound power, the now-named Zombie Galacti spent several decades traversing the universe and along the way, Tony began to regain his sanity as Hulk began to give in to his hunger. This culminated in him trying to protect a handful of survivors from a rampaging Hulk, who in turn broke through his armor and instantly killed him.


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