10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By The Hulk

8. Wonder Man - The Last Avengers Story

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Marvel Comics

The Last Avengers Story a bit of a mixed bag as it is too quickly paced and lacks depth, meaning that the Avengers' swansong does not have time to sit with the reader. That said, it does feature a handful of impressive moments, one of them featuring the Hulk himself.

After Kang the Conqueror finds Ultron's plans in the future and uses them to kill most Avengers, the team is a shell of its former self. Hank Pym attempts to reform a new, less capable and prepared team, with most of its members being the children of deceased or disappeared heroes.

Flashbacks to the events prior to the Avengers' downfall, it was revealed that the Hulk was the only survivor of the Great Cataclysm, a world-ending event in Olympus. This event changed the behemoth's morality, making him a liability to his allies.

This change led to him killing the heroine Tigra, and this forced Wonder Man to attack Hulk. After a vicious battle between the two, the Hulk punctures Wonder Man's shell and the latter's energy killed them both. Killing Wonder Man is no small feat due to his power levels nearing the likes of Thor and Sentry, meaning that the Hulk's act was undeniably impressive as it was shocking.


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