10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Thor

The God of Thunder showed no mercy when it came to these Marvel titans.

Thor vs Hulk Marvel
Marvel Comics

When your alternative monikers include the God of Thunder and the Lightning Giver, it stands to reason that you are a powerhouse, and Thor is exactly that. Since his debut little over 60 years ago, the heroic deity has routinely demonstrated that he is one of the most powerful beings in all of Marvel Comics.

Created with the intent of being more powerful than the Hulk, Thor's tenure has seen him perform incredible feats, such as shift celestial bodies with his strength and go toe-to-toe with the aforementioned Jade Giant and other mighty beings such as Namor, Sentry and Hercules. In addition to his physique, Thor's hammer Mjolnir's numerous capabilities make him nearly unstoppable on the battlefield.

While the Thunderer holds back at first to gauge his foe's power level, this does not stop him from taking a life if the situation calls for it, and this happens more often than not due to the nature of his opponents and his warrior sensibilities.

While the Avengers and other heroic teams are fortunate to have Thor on their side, Marvel's villainous characters know first-hand what it is like to incur the Asgardian's wrath.

10. Wolverine - Thor Vol. 2 #73

Thor vs Hulk Marvel
Marvel Comics

In an alternate reality designated Earth-3515, Thor decided to move Asgard to Earth (specifically hovering over New York) after lamenting his failures to bring several Asgardians back to their homeworld. Naturally, this does not sit well with the world's governments, and the secretive Consortium of Nations takes matters into its own hands and wages war on the floating city-state.

The conflict's devastating nature and its related events shake the hero deep to his core, and as a result he establishes his dominion over the planet. In the process, this antagonizes Thor's former allies such as Jane Foster, Captain America and Wolverine, among others.

Seventeen years after Thor establishes his rule, several heroes organized by Balder attack their former friend and a devastating battle ensues. While this Thor was no longer in possession of Mjolnir, he had acquired the Odinforce, and this was more than enough to permanently deal with the heroes.

Wolverine's death in particular is rather impressive due to his regenerative healing factor and Adamantium skeleton normally proving to be a challenge for most Marvel powerhouses.


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