10 Most Powerful Female Justice League Members

Which ladies manage to stand out among the greatest heroes of the DC Universe?

Vixen DC Rebirth
DC Comics

The Justice League has been host to some of the greatest characters in comics history. It's also had its fair share of forgettable roster members. After all, not everyone can be Batman or Captain Marvel. Sometimes you wind up with a Vibe or, God forbid, Snapper Carr.

But popularity isn't everything. One thing that makes a roster of heroes not only capable, but memorable, is their variety. There are plenty of people who are probably more capable to slug it out with a world-threatening villain than the Dark Knight, but he's an asset for his tactical brilliance. Steel was forgettable but served helped in his role as an engineer.

But this list is solely devoted to the women who can duke it out with the worst of the worst. These ladies could easily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Firestorms and Captain Atoms of the world. Whether they're using science, magic, or metahuman gifts, let's take a look at these heavy hitters.

11. Honorable Mentions

Vixen DC Rebirth
DC Comics

There are certainly several characters who, by pure power level, likely deserve to be on the list. In the interest of fairness, some have been left off for one reason, but should certainly be acknowledged

Several characters, as in indicative of all of comics, come off as legacy characters, in the vein that they inherent a role from a predecessor. This would include characters like Donna Troy, Jesse Quick, Doctor Fate (the Linda Strauss incarnation), or Hippolyta. Conversely, other characters simply did not do much with the group, or did not join for a substantial amount of time enough to qualify. Supergirl is a top-tier character, but really only was around for the Cry For Justice run.

Lastly, power is certainly a subjective topic. Oracle has incredible reach and assets to coordinate tactics, but can't lift a mountain. Similarly, Maxima was strong but....well that's about it. The following characters on this list have an excellent mix of character pathos, power, and potential.

With that being said, let's crack on.

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