10 Most Powerful Female Justice League Members

10. Vixen

Vixen DC Rebirth
DC Comics

Mari McCabe is a woman of who wears many proverbial hats. In her personal and professional life, she has had work as a model, animal rights activist, fashion designer, and even spent time on a reality television show. As she her super heroine persona Vixen, she inhabits the entirety of the animal kingdom.

Vixen's power derives from power of the Red, the energy that magically links all animal life on the planet, in a similar fashion that Swamp Thing draws power from the Green. Vixen channels and augments this power through the Tantu Totem she wears around her neck. With the powers of the virtually every animal at her disposal, Vixen's powers are almost too numerous to name.

Vixen has been to shown to use her abilities to fly, become super strong, become fiercely resistant to damage, generate energy blasts, create poisons, acceleratted healing, telepathy as well as become a very adept tracker. Perhaps her placement at the bottom of the list is indicative of the sheer level of power that the other entrants on this list possess. For those who are underestimating Mari, ask Amazo what happens when someone dives at you with the speed of a peregrine falcon and the weight of a rhinocerous.

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