10 Most Powerful Gods In DC Comics

The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, the streets will run red with the blood of billions.

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DC Comics

DC much like Marvel is home to a great many number of Gods of different forms. We'll be having a brief look at the most powerful, most awe inspiring, and the most terrifying of all the Gods DC has to offer.

Some are planetary, some solar system level in destructive power, but all these DC Gods are undoubtedly universal or greater in their overall power and the influence they can exert.

Sorry Hermes, you aren't making the cut.

This list will only include entities which maintain their existence as Gods all on their own power and have done so through a sustained period of time, meaning you won't find figures like Ion Kyle Rayner and Parallax Hal Jordan.

Fret not! For the most impressive feats and abilities of the listed Gods will be provided to support their ranking. When you read them it's easy to grasp just how wacky DC gets, from vigilantes in hoods protecting a city to multiverse creating (and destroying) Gods.

Feel more than free to disagree based on the list in terms of Gods that have been used, and where they are ranked.

10. Metron

Trigon DC Comics
DC Comics

The God of Knowledge.

Metron has removed the Black Racer from a fight, towed literal planets, tapped into human souls, teleported objects and has even endured the full brunt of the Source with barely a flinch while Swamp Thing was much worse for wear.

As a God, he is a peculiar one. His most powerful feat is one wherein he occupies all of space and time within the universe at once. That sort of power is nigh unstoppable, how do you even stop that?

Yet, all the same he is still incredibly powerless, probably due to his neutral position and care only for knowledge. Nonetheless, the fact is that he is often subservient to the other Gods.

It's evident he isn't a conventional God with destructive power like Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor, yet he does possess ample abilities that are just as impressive in some ways.

Aside from his lack of physical potency, what brings him down so far in the list is the fact that he is consistently manhandled by other Gods such as Darkseid, despite powers such as omnipresence.

For any mortals attempting to tackle Metron. Don't... Unless you're Batman.

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