10 Most Powerful Humans In Marvel Comics

8. Doctor Strange

Akhenaten Marvel
Marvel Comics

Doctor Strange is the Sorceror Supreme, meaning he is personally responsible for protecting Earth from all mystical threats. Not only is he the greatest warlock on Earth, he is the most powerful Sorcerer Supreme ever. There is no being in the cosmos than knows more about the mystic arts than him.

Although Strange possesses many enchanted talismans to aid him, the primary one is The Eye of Agamotto. This relic allows the wielder to manipulate time and space, nullify an enemy's magic, summon demons, and travel through dimensions, Its power is so vast, no one can hold it unless they have had years of preparation. However, Strange can hold it with ease and regularly utilises its power to vanquish the forces of evil.

He also uses the Orb of Agamotto to amplify his telepathic powers, making his psychic power almost as advanced as Professor X.

Even without his magical paraphernalia, Strange's power is vast. He cannot die from old age or any medical ailment. On top of that, he can teleport, fly, shoot energy blasts, possess others, conjure shields, perform telekinesis, travel through the Astral Plane, and... well... it's just quicker to say there is almost no magical spell off-limits to Strange.

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