10 Most Powerful Humans In Marvel Comics

7. The Incredible Hulk

Akhenaten Marvel
Marvel Comics

When the Hulk only ranks at #10 on a list of "most powerful humans", that should give you an idea just how frickin' strong some of Marvel's heavy-hitters are. Nevertheless, it cannot be emphasised enough just how incalculably powerful Bruce Banner's alter ego is.

When he is in his mean and green persona, Hulk is virtually immortal. He has survived lava, decapitation, the heat of the Sun, and a supernova. When Vector whittled him down to a skeleton, the Green Goliath barely slowed down. Even after he was chopped up and his organs were placed into separate jars, the Hulk was still alive!

Now, all of these examples show how durable the Hulk is. But what about his strength? Simply put; the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he is. He has destroyed an asteroid twice the size of the Earth with a single punch. He withstood a nuclear blast on four separate occasions. In Incredible Hulk #126 and #135, he punched an entire dimension!

Probably the Hulk's most famous feat of strength was when he lifted a mountain that weighed 150 billion tons! When he displays brawn on this scale, it makes one question if Hulk's power has a limit.

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