10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Kraven The Hunter Fought

9. Captain America - Captain America Vol.1 #697

Kraven Venom
Marvel Comics/Chris Samnee

This story, written in 2018 by Mark Waid and pencilled by Chris Samnee, this story is an homage to Kraven's literary roots. In a memorable scheme that mimicks one of Kraven the Hunter's character inspirations - Richard Connell's story, The Most Dangerous Game - Kraven stalks Captain America through the jungle as he struggles to bring an innocent man to safety.

Our story begins with an unfortunate evening for Steve Rogers. After being drugged by a woman at a bar, he awakens in Kraven's mansion with a shock collar around his neck and a simple set of instructions - get to the coast alive. Discovering another man in the forest, Cap allows him to tag along, and the two flee into the jungle, pursued by a gun-wielding Kraven.

Of course, no hunt of Kraven's would ever be over so quickly. After contending with a whole jungle's worth of traps, the Star-Spangled Man finds himself dangling precariously over a cliff, holding onto Kraven's foor for dear life. In a last-ditch effort to shake the tenacious captain loose, Kraven activates the shock collar - but, when they both plunge into the icy water, Cap manages to swim out of Kraven's clutches.


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