10 Most Powerful Marvel Heroes Of All Time

Silver Surfer packs some SERIOUS firepower.

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Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe is no stranger to ridiculously powerful individuals, but a surprisingly low amount are considered superheroes through and through. Most are cosmic entities who are more like forces of nature than actual heroes, and quite a lot of those entities take on villainous characteristics too, with the likes of the Beyonder, Thanos and even the Elders of the Universe constantly scheming to conquer the... well, universe.

Fortunately for the galaxy's residents, those heroes who are able to go toe-to-toe with the aforementioned beings are all pretty spectacular, whether they ride around on cosmic surfboards, conjure mystic incantations or wield artefacts ripped straight from Norse mythology. Some are from this Earth, others far from it, but they all have two things in common: a desire to do good, and a selection of powers so great that only the universe's strongest would dare challenge them.

The great thing here though is the way in which these characters exhibit their power. Some are traditionally strong, being able to lift tons of material at a given notice, while others are able to channel the power cosmic or some other energy to overcome a given foe.

Either way, it looks magnificent on the page, so here are those heroes that put the 'mighty' in Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

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