10 Most Powerful Super Villains Of All Time

BeFunky_2579385-heralds_of_galactus_by_espeng_d46okw7 Writing about super heroes or super villains will ALWAYS raise some eyebrows and start some controversy, but hey, that's part of the fun. My last article, 10 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time (cheap plug) was not only fun to write but it was fun to read what people thought. This time I thought I'd go in the opposite direction with the 10 Most Powerful Super Villains of All Time. Believe it or not, this article was actually harder to write. There are so many powerful super villains it was merely impossible to put them in order. Lets face it, without a GREAT villain, there isn't a great hero to save the day. Villains make the heroes what they are, saviors. Most villains seemingly always lose in the end but the top 10 on this list are in a class of their own. Not only can they hold their own, but in some cases they have defeated their arch rivals. In my opinion, the top 10 villains would destroy the top 10 heroes but debating about that is part of the fun. As always, some honorable mentions... There have been many incarnations of Brainiac and they've all had one common denominator, pure and utter brilliance. Brainiac is a genius on every level. He is an android of the '12th level intellect' who only seeks one thing, infinite knowledge. He has more than held his own against The Man of Steel in comics and cartoons alike. Hopefully this conqueror of life will appear in a Man of Steel movie in the future but until then, we'll have to continue reading the legacy he continues to build. Vandal Savage is a very intriguing character. He first appeared in a Green Lantern comic in 1943 and has been a household name ever sense. He is one of the Justice League's greatest foes. Savage was transformed from caveman to genius as he was exposed to a meteorite. He's immortal, thousands of years old and is a master at combat, as well as a master strategist. Savage is a formidable opponent in any era, as he continues to showcase his ability in his 50+ years of existence. Black Adam was created to be the rival of Captain Marvel but he evolved into much more. Black Adam on occasion has played the roll of the anti hero as he has teamed up with The Justice Society of America. However, he's best known as Captain Marvel's toughest opponent. His powers run parallel to those of Captain Marvel as he too was given incredible powers by the wizard Shazam. Face it, Black Adam is just a badass. The Lord of Hell, Mephisto is one powerful super villain. He lures mortals into signing misleading contracts in order to steal their souls. Not to mention, he's an incredibly powerful demon who loves torturing, killing and attacking other worlds. Mephisto rules over his own dimension where he's nearly unstoppable, as his powers are nearly endless when he's in his own realm. He may not be as well known as some of the super villains but make no mistake, Mephisto is just as powerful.
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