10 Most Powerful Super Villains Of All Time

10. Cyborg Superman

BeFunky_Cyborg_Superman_010 Hank Henshaw evolved into Cyborg Superman after a space mission gone wrong. Once a NASA astronaut, Hank, his wife and 2 crew members experienced a horrible accident that rendered some of them helpless. With the help of Lex Luthor, Hank was saved and slowly evolved into what we now know as The Cyborg. After the death of his wife, Hank blamed Superman and sought revenge. He has ALL of Superman's powers, as well as the ability to control and manipulate machinery and technology. After merging himself with Superman's birthing matrix, he gained the knowledge that Superman possesses, as well as the knowledge of krytonian technologies. Because of that, his body was eventually comprised of merely indestructible kryptonian alloys. Luckily for The Man of Steel, Hank has moved on and can now be seen battling the Green Lantern Corps in todays comics. His Weakness? Well, his body can be destroyed, HOWEVER he can just form himself a new one. Hank Henshaw the man, is immortal. His biggest weakness now is that he wants to die. Hence why in one story arch he becomes Anti-Monitor's herald because Anti-Monitor promises him death. He's become his own worst enemy.
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