10 Most Powerful Supervillains You’ve Never Heard Of

Proving ending the world won't make you popular.

Marvel Comics

When it comes to powerful supervillains, most comic fans can reel off a list quicker than the Pokérap. And these lists tend to contain the same unfriendly faces; Galactus, Thanos, Darkseid, the Anti-Monitor, and maybe even Perpetua, if you're feeling fancy.

While it's cool that these big bads are so well known, there is a downside to their infamousness - namely, that there's a metric ton of less iconic villains that get pushed to the wayside in lieu of their renowned brethren. And this can feel completely bizarre, as there are characters that are equally as powerful as Thanos or Darkseid, and yet comparatively get mere morsels of time on the inked page.

With dramatic backstories, detailed lore, and an assortment of cool and badass powers, it's unclear why these characters are so often shunted out of the spotlight when they go such a long way to making the universe feel like it's populated by more than the same four villains. Indeed, in an era where some villains are criminally overused, it might be time for some of these characters to get allowed once more into their respective universes - even if it's only for a brief glimpse.


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