10 Most Powerful Supervillains You’ve Never Heard Of

9. Ravenous

Mikaboshi Marvel
Marvel Comics

Despite the frankly hilarious name, Ravenous is one of the most underrated villains to have ever appeared in roughly four major series. A part of the Annihilation Wave, the villain is allowed exactly one precise moment focused around him - and even that is simply to revive Annihilus, proving him to be a sidekick through and through.

But this feels like a huge waste, as Ravenous has powers that are roughly similar to the Silver Surfer, marking him as significantly more powerful than most of his comic appearences would suggest. Justifiably, this does mean the character is left feeling kind of wasted, as he basically never appears as more than a lackey of other characters like Annihilus.

While not every character can have their moment in the sun, it'd be nice to get to see Ravenous not be a sidekick just for like two minutes.


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