10 Most Ridiculous Superheroes Of All-Time

8. Leather Boy

Leather_Boy_2 We can only presume that Leather Boy was created to entice a whole new type of reader into the world of comic books - and we're pretty sure there could have been no worse an execution. Essentially a BDSM hero clad in yes, leather, Leather Boy even came with a red ball gag strapped into his mouth. A generally vile and loser-ish excuse for a superhero, he didn't even possess any real powers, though Leather Boy did once dress up as Dr. Doom and cause chaos because he was "left out" of a superhero line-up. What is notable, however, is that Leather Boy brutally murdered Squirrel Girl's pet squirrel Monkey Joe. I mean, we hate Squirrel Girl, but Monkey Joe? What did he ever do to anybody?
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